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Prog X Primetal

VARGTON PROJEKT is a Swedish experimental progressive rock project consisting of Mats HEDBERG, Morgan ÅGREN and Björn JANSSON. The band started in 2006 after guitarist HEDBERG (BFH) got in touch with drummer ÅGREN (ZAPPA, MATS MORGAN BAND, FREDRIK THORDENDAL). The duo started recording in 2007 for what was meant to be an instrumental project but were later joined by metal vocalist Björn JANSSON (TEARS OF ANGER, RIDE THE SKY). The resulting album also featured guest appearances from KAIPA's keyboard player Hans LUNDIN, Giovanni Imparato (percussion), Alessandro GWIS (keyboards) and Lars Eric Mattsson (solo guitar). The 2011 debut album "ProgXpriMetal" covers a wide range of influences, spanning from dark heavy fusion (KING CRIMSON, MAHAVISHU...