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Artist: Feliciati - Vancini - Zammit
Release Date: 2023-01-06
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1. Nick Of The Moment
2. Shallow
3. Sunday Mood
4. Highway Radio
5. Venti
6. Turn And Run
7. Windows And The Sun
8. Knowneym Nyet
9. Winter Fades - Spring Clean
10. A Little Song

EURACHORD is a project born from the alliance of three outstanding musicians and composers in Rome, Veneto and Brussels during the C19 lockdown:

Aidan Zammit on pianos and synthesisers, Lorenzo Feliciati on bass and Gianni Vancini on saxophones.

The three protagonists are all credited for collaborating with numerous renowned artists in Italy and around the world.

The album was conceived and created during the months of immobility caused by the pandemic. It immediately bloomed into an homage to the music and composers that the trio grew up listening to – a journey through their roots.

This is a high-calibre release, fusing the souls of the three leading figures in Eurachord with the artistry of illustrious guests Maxx Furian on drums and Martin Verdonk on percussion – a record to be listened to all at once, made of virtuosity and deep sonic exploration, with compositions and melodies that steer away from well-worn clichés, at times poignant, and always captivating.


Lorenzo Feliciati : Electric and Double Basses 
Gianni Vancini : Saxophones
Aidan Zammit : Pianos,Keyboards and programming

with Maxx Furian Drums and Martin Verdonk Percussion

PRODUCED by Eurachord

MIXED and MASTERED by Aidan Zammit at Zamusic Studio, Rome

GRAPHIC CONCEPT by Maurizio Capuano, Rome