Selected Quotes

Cuong Vu

It’s been 10 years or so since my first time meeting Lorenzo during one of the funnest (and best good eats) tours I’ve ever done.  It was pretty obvious what a great musician he is, even from that first time that we’d played, and it’s been such a lucky scenario for me to have gotten to work with him and be a part of his musical sound world all this time.

Steve Jansen

Lorenzo and I worked remotely and with a great deal of freedom of interpretation. I enjoyed the trusting nature Lorenzo applied to my input and the fact that I was free to explore as I wished. The music that I received was unusual and distinctive and hopefully I was able to contribute on a similar level.

Eivind Aarset

Lorenzo is a true bassplayer, steady, heavy, and at the same time curious and happy to explore new territories. and not at least,… he is also a very nice person

Jason JT Thomas

The music of Lorenzo Feliciati is that of a story teller. Each song takes you on a journey of orchestration, harmony, melody, & groove. You’d never know by listening to his music that his primary instrument is bass, & I absolutely love that.I had a lot of fun tracking drums for this project as I love being pushed in different directions than where my “natural” intuition would lead me….Lorenzo writes very intricate & specific grooves & some were a bit challenging to play….there’s lots of ear candy, grooving bass lines, wonderful melodies & counter melodies, yet it never overtakes the groove, & the pulse. This EP is a house of musical wonders, possibilities, harmony, & complexity, built upon a solid foundation of groove & feel. I’m sure every listener will enjoy the musical journey it takes them on!”

Rockerilla ITA

The composer and bass player Feliciati sits comfortably among the (not very numerous) Italian jazz musicians capable of winning the heart and the mind of the heavyweights of the category … Feliciati is a master in the use of melody and atmosphere.

Bass Player USA

Fluid,complex, and modern yet soulful, composer/bass man Feliciati’s KOI, exists in a space somewhere between prog-rock and ambient

Prog Magazine UK

Feliciati has been discreetly chiselling out a reputation as one of the modern masters of fretless bass

Rockerilla ITA

Il compositore e bassista Feliciati siede comodo fra i(non numerosissimi)musicisti jazz italiani capaci di conquistare il cuore ed il cervello dei pesi massimi della categoria…Feliciati è maestro nell’uso della melodia e dell’atmosfera.

Jazzwise UK

Feliciati is to be applauded for his authoritative bass work and impressive grasp of composition and production. (Elevator Man)It’s an uplifting listen and no mistake.

Prog Magazine UK

Lorenzo Feliciati is fast becoming a man with a golden touch