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Lorenzo Feliciati, Niels Voskuil, Richard Hallebeek Tracks  1. Sunset Sky 2. Turning Points 3. Fortunately 4. Moonphases 5. Herbs 6. Bumerang 7. Friday At Last! All compositions by Bumerang : : Buy here : :  Bumerang is the brainchild of Richard Hallebeek, Lorenzo Feliciati and drummer Niels Voskuil and has been in the works for over 2 years. When Hallebeek and Feliciati met for the first time in 2017, when playing together at the North Sea Jazz Festival. They quickly hit it off and kept in touch afterwards, making plans for a collaboration. Drummer Niels Voskuil, who had played and performed with Hallebeek before, also joined and the trio first recorded two tracks in the studio together (‘Friday At Lastʼ and ‘Bumerangʼ) with the...